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How can I remove rust on my car?

Posted by tom zoebelein on Fri, Apr 05, 2013 @ 09:00 AM

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RUST is a four-letter word according to those of us who love our cars.  The problem is, it’s often caused by another four-letter word that we encounter all too often in the northeast: SALT.  With some of the harsh winters we’ve had in Harford County, Maryland, we’ve dealt with plenty of snow, ice, and, of course, salt.  While salt is handy when you’re trying to make it up an icy hill in January, it’s frustrating to see any resulting rust once it’s sunny again in April.

If you are the unfortunate owner of a car harboring a rust problem, don’t despair.  In many cases, it is possible to repair the area affected by rust without having to repaint your entire car.  What you might want to do first is to figure out what is causing your rust in the first place.

  • Do you have any delamination?  We talked about clear coat peeling in an earlier entry and it might be helpful to refer to it, if you get a chance.  If your car is experiencing delamination, then it is losing a necessary protective barrier.  You may want to consider having the clear coat replaced to prevent any spreading or any other future paint problems.

  • Do you have an older car?  General wear and tear can cause rust, which is probably not a surprise to you.  However, another issue with older cars is that some were manufactured with incompatible paint layers.  Over time, car manufactures have learned valuable lessons about paint, so newer cars tend to have better paint jobs.

  • Do you have any nicks or scratches?  You’ll want to have any nicks and scratches repaired as soon as possible—otherwise they form an environment to trap water and debris, which can lead to oxidation. 

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  • Do you experience lots of weather damage?  Sometimes, it just can’t be helped and our cars get damaged by the sun, pollution, and road debris (like salt!).  The best thing you can do for your car’s exterior is to wash it frequently.  Use a non-abrasive mitt or sponge when you do and be sure to wax thoroughly afterwards.  Also, try to park in a garage or in the shade whenever you can.

  • Is your interior rusting?  If your car is rusting on the inside, it is likely due to poor drainage in the crevices of your doors, windows, and hood.  This can cause water to pool inside your car.  If cleaning the drainage passageways doesn’t help your situation, bring your car in to us and we can get to the bottom of the problem for you.

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Do you want to remove rust on your own?
If you don’t have any experience working with car paint, be very careful.  If you are looking for online advice, take a look at Popular Mechanics or WikiHow

At Bel Air Autobody, we can repair any rust on your car at a great price!
Our techs are pros at repairing any defects in your car’s paint.  From scratches to dents to rust and delamination, we can solve any problem you might have.  For excellent, professional service, bring your car to us—your neighborhood body shop!  

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